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Order Parts

Mazda parts can be a difficult time for drivers in New Haven. There are so many of them, from the dealership and other places, so how do you know you’re doing right by your vehicle? Thankfully, when you order parts from our parts center, you can ensure that you’re getting genuine OEM parts every time. Going with the dealership means you’re getting an experience that the auto parts store or website can’t match. Want to see what we mean? Read on and we’ll tell you!

What Does “OEM Parts” Mean?

When you buy OEM parts, you’re buying parts that were made by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. This means that the parts were made by Mazda as opposed to someone else. What advantages do these parts offer North Haven drivers? 

For one, you’ll have the best fit every time, because the parts were made specifically for your vehicle. This has the added bonus of keeping you in warranty so you don’t have to worry when you come in for maintenance. You’ll also get a higher build quality than you would with aftermarket parts, meaning Mazda has you covered every step of the way.

We’ve Also Got Accessories!

If you’re looking to make your Wallingford Mazda look the way you want, it’s time to get accessories from Hamden Mazda! No matter if you’re looking for custom floor mats or you want a rear spoiler on your sedan, you can outfit your vehicle as you see fit with the accessories available from our parts center.

Find Your Perfect Fit with Us

You’ve gotten your first primer of ordering parts from Hamden Mazda. Now, it’s time to contact us to get in touch. Hamden Mazda is your full service destination for auto maintenance and parts. We’d love to discuss your options! We’re conveniently located in Hamden, meaning we’re not that far from home.