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What Does an Alternator Do?

Car Alternator

If you’ve ever wondered, “What does an alternator do?” you’re in the right place. Hamden Mazda is always at your service and is happy to provide the answer. Read on to get the answer to the questions, “What does an alternator do?” and “How much is an alternator?” If you need auto service, contact our service team in Hamden, or schedule a service appointment online. We’re here for you!

Your Alternator Helps Run Your Car Electrical System

The alternator in your new Mazda CX-30 sends power to the car’s electrical system while the vehicle is operating. Some New Haven drivers mistakenly believe that the battery powers the car, but it’s only used to start it. The alternator is similar to a generator and uses the gas engine as its source of energy.

Symptoms of a Bad Alternator

If you’re concerned that your alternator may need to be replaced, these are some warning signs to watch for on your North Haven drives:

  • Your car won’t start
  • Battery warning light is illuminated on your dashboard
  • Your headlights or interior lights are dim
  • Your devices are not charging
  • You hear a whining or screeching sound after the vehicle is started
  • You smell burning rubber coming from under the hood

Failing Alternator vs. Dead Battery

Often, drivers are around Wallingford think a failing alternator is a failing battery. The best way to decipher which is causing the problem is to wait until the vehicle doesn’t start and needs a jump. Then, jump-start your engine and remove the jumper cables after it starts. If it dies immediately, the problem is probably your alternator and not your battery. Either way, bring your vehicle to the Mazda Certified Technicians at Hamden Mazda, and they will have you back on Hamden roads in no time!

How Long Does an Alternator Last?

Most alternators will last between 80,000 and 150,000 miles or up to seven years. Still, some factors can cause your alternator to wear out early, such as:

  • Adverse driving conditions
  • Poor alternator quality (always use Mazda OEM parts)
  • There is a power drain on the alternator

How Much is an Alternator?

Different cars require different alternators, so it’s impossible to answer “How much is an alternator?” without more information. But you can quickly get a free quote when you contact the Hamden Mazda parts center or service department. Our alternators are made for your particular make and model.

Hamden Mazda is Always at Your Service

From new tires to a new alternator, the Hamden Mazda parts department and service department has you covered. Need a new battery or motor oil? No problem! Contact us and let us know how we can be of service. We’re here for you, now and always!

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